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DROP SHOP - THE TASTING ZONE Champagne and Wine Bar

Ars Poetica

There’s always a message in the bottle! Each wine has its story. A story about countries, one-time wars, monarchs, capital and wine-stock, the poor and the rich, rocks, sun, spring and autumn. A story where peoples and wines come and go and where there is always plenty to eat and drink; a story always accompanied by the proper music and backed by perfect setting. A story about culture and us, people, who believe in something. We believe in good wine!

In DROP SHOP we are there to tell these stories day after day. Amazing and unbelievable stories. Why a type of wine was named Christ’s Tear? How an early riser black rooster became the symbol of one of the world’s best-known wine regions? How a Californian farmer managed to defeat the great French chateaus for the first time?

We offer wine types and winemakers from the world’s most exciting wine regions, as well as more than 60 types of selected wines from Hungary on our wine list, updated even during the day. Our favourites, such as the fantastic Champagnes, Italian, Spanish and Hungarian sparkling wines, receive special attention in our offer, with the opportunity to taste more than a dozen each day.

In our first year we offered more than 400 types of wine for tasting.

The greatest acknowledgement of more than a year’s work is the unbroken attention and trust of more than a hundred friends and regular guests, as well as the honouring appreciation of the professional community.

To make wine-tasting complete, we offer special hams, cheeses, olive, various types of bruschetta from our daily tapas range and the special daily specialities of our friends running restaurants.

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